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Feedback from Customers

Exotic, vibrant, manic, complex, mind blowing!
H G - Cheshire

Ray, your work is strikingly colourful and outstanding in its execution. This may sound flattering but I have always been impressed by, not only the technical quality, but the fact that you always see the unusual in any subject you choose to paint.  You are also talented in portraying animals when more realism is needed.
M&B W - Anglesey

The painting arrived this morning. It's fantastic. R is bowled over by it and has great plans for having it framed. You'd be amazed at the impact is has had on us both. A very big thank you. We are delighted. It was worth the wait.
G & R P - London

We love your vibrant artwork which cheers us every day: so much so that we are running out of wall space!  This goes for your Dylan work too.  Also your cards make great gifts which can be framed and kept.
E & M J - Birmingham

Ray  -  I find your work inspirational and thought provoking.
S.A.B. - N. Wales

Whether it is thought provoking or full of humour or trapping a fleeting second of momentary light, your work is always fresh and is the antithesis of all the boring staid work I see clogging up innocent walls wherever I go. 
I.H. - N. Wales

Ray creates lively imaginative work often using powerful tropical colours to express original and challenging ideas.  She is able to take the ordinary and provoke both the emotions and the imagination by clever juxtapositioning of image, colour, line and pattern.  Her abilities can range from skillful academic, to blazing free flowing compositions, according to the ideas and feelings she wishes to express.
Peter Walsh - W. Yorkshire

Ray Keats is an extremely talented and creative artist who presents something different, quirky and well composed with every new project. In my opinion, as a collector, the artist offers more than a picture, she offers a story in colour.
Paul Richards - N.Wales

Ray's work always brings thought-provoking interest and I have had the pleasure of following her career since the early '70's.  Ray is an inspiration to all who either know her or feel they know her through her art.
A.Roper - South Carolina USA

I have been buying works from this artist for years, and still do. Her work is highly original whilst still retaining the character of her subject.
R Davenport - Derbyshire

Ray's witty and incisive take on life is as evident in her work as is her passionate commitment to the plight of the human race.  The intensity of her vision is only matched by the power that resides in her work.  It is a lasting testament to her artistic sensibilities and a compassionate reflection for fellow travellers.  
Helen and Bill Mount I.O.W.

"What can we say...it is absolutely stunning and brilliant. R simply described it as 'breathtaking'. The prints were beautiful (we are getting so many compliments about them), but the original is just incredible. Again, I am just a a loss for words. We are amazed by your talent."  
J.K. - Minnesota

"Well, the original made its trans-Atlantic journey safe and sound. It arrived today in flawless condition. You really do a wonderful job packaging your art."  
JS Minnesota

"It was so great to receive your card. I absolutely fell in love with your original painting. Do you have a poster sized version of it, that's for sale?" 
R.T. New York

"Ray, your work is wonderful, absolutely splendid. A splash of sunshine in a gloomy summer."
JN Gloucester.

"Your use of beautiful colours give the impression of happiness and optimism. Very uplifting."
S.W.   N. Wales

"Thank you so much for sending the signed copy of your painting - a picture which will give me much pleasure over a long time."
E.F.  Cheshire

Mae cyfanwaith yr arlunydd yma, yn un o'r gwaith mwyaf gwreiddiol yr wyf wedi cael y gwir bleser o weld ers rhai blynyddoedd. Mae'n rhaid dweud, mae  Ray, yw'r arlunydd mwyaf gwreiddiol a cyffrous, yngHymru heddiw. 
Gwyn Ellis Hughes,  Caellwyngrudd


"Loved the pictures - they fascinate me, especially "Everything is Broken".  I spend hours studying it." 
A.T. Patancheru, India