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Caring for Your Art

Arabian Nights

Light and heat are the most obvious causes of deterioration. The more light to which a painting or drawing is exposed the greater the adverse effect. The ultra-violet rays produced by strong sunlight speed up the process of deterioration so it is therefore advisable to hang paintings in a place shaded from direct sunlight. Watercolours are particularly vulnerable because the pigments are not surrounded by a protective medium.
Paintings under glass can reach temperatures of 40C to 50C degrees if placed in sunlight, which can not only damage paint but paper and canvas also. The cooler the better.
Changes in humidity also have an adverse effect on paintings. Very dry air puts stress on canvasses and paint layers and hastens surface cracks to appear.
A favourite place for paintings is over a fireplace or a radiator - the worst possible place to hang original paintings. So hang your paintings in an area away from direct sunlight, and sources of heat to prevent discolouration, surface cracks and damage to canvas and paper.
If you look after your paintings they should outlive you and  so be passed on to others who will continue to get pleasure from them.