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Submarine Thoughts

I do not tie myself to working in one particular medium but use a variety of media and techniques befitting the variety of my subject matter. All pastel paintings are made using the finest quality pastels and pastel paper. I do not compromise my work by using anything but artists' quality materials.

When painting in oils - either traditional oil paints or Alkyd resin oil colours - I paint either on canvas or on board - both of which I prepare myself . I often use cotton canvas which I stretch and prime myself and have found to be a stable ground for painting on. I do not use cheap cotton ready stretched canvasses.

Much of my work on board is on hardboard which is exceptionally stable when properly prepared. Hardboard's homogenous structure is said to be more stable than solid wood, plywood or blockboard. I prepare and prime the board myself and work on the smooth side. I also prime the reverse, meshlike surface as I find this adds to the stability of the board when used for large paintings. One important advantage of painting on board is that it is much less likely to be damaged either in storage or during shipping.